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05 March 2008

blog # 3!??! {interior dialogue}

I must be crazy.

But I like to cook.

I must be crazy.

And ... I like to take pictures of what I cook.

3 blogs?!!? I must be crazy.

And rumor has it that some people [besides me] actually like to eat what I cook.

Oh, why not ...
crazy girl in the sun photo by kirsten.michelle


Christianne said...

hooray! it's perfect.

and look at me . . . the first person to comment on your brand new blog! lucky me. :)

looking forward to many delicious dishes from you, kitchen goddess girl. especially because it means one central location from which to cull my recipes for the week!

Nathan said...

I'm kinda hungry now. And those pictures are not helping!

Why not another blog? You're crazy, right? :)

kirsten said...

christianne - so appropriate that you should be the first. i know i told you in an e-mail that posting probably wouldn't be too prolific here, but i already have 4-5 post ideas in my head.

if there isn't blogaholics anonymous there should be.

"hi, my name is kirsten ..."

nathan - ha, you found me!! yes, that is my evil plan ... make you hungry & feed you healthy food ... ;o)

and yeah ... i gots to be crazy to have blog #3. somebody intervene before i formulate my idea for #4!!

Christianne said...

i already know the subject of blog #4 . . . it's the one that will support your book idea . . . ! :)

lovin' you, girl.

di said...

you are certifiable.
times 3!

3:59AM? Nathan, dude.

kirsten said...

christianne - OMG! you are so right, sister. oy vey. if/when i'm ever able to make a living by writing, maybe i'll better be able to manage 4 blogs. yikes! i don't know how l. l. manages 4!!

di - certifiable, yes. but it's more fun for me this way! ;o)

Seen by Mercy said...

Hi Kirsten!
I've been away for a bit, but I come back and - yes! ANOTHER blog of yours for me to read and enjoy! I'm really looking forward to trying what I find up here. I already loved a quinoa-black bean recipe you put up a while back... Love, katie

Sarah said...

Sad...I didn't get the email. But I found it anyway. Yay.